Bad motherboard? We can help.

The repair is never too small or too large for Motherboard-Repair. Our turn around time is typically 2 or 3 days for small quantities. We do everything possible to return your motherboard as promptly as we can. The motherboard is tested and burned in overnight to ensure stability & reliability. We also clean your motherboard after repairing it so no foreign materials are left that could short or damage the motherboard.

Service List

Capacitor Replacement. We use high quality caps from Digi-key as replacements.


Transistor replacement. Often when capacitors fail  transistors do also, and if they do you can trust the experts at Motherboard-Repair to fix them right.


Coil repair or replacement. We check all coils to verify they are not open if they are damaged they can be re-wound or replaced.


Resistor replacement. We check your board for other problem areas, other than the obvious . If your board has failing or open resistors they can cause additional stress on other components possibly causing them to fail.


Here at Motherboard-Repair we will fix your IC components quickly and correctly. Whether the chip is physically broken or has an internal short, Motherboard-Repair can diagnose it and fix it right the first time. If the power jack on your laptop is giving you trouble we can fix that too.

IC Component                    Laptop AC power jack

Replacement                     Replacement         

The Intel socket 775 has the pins on the motherboard instead of the CPU. If the pins on the board get bent send it to us and we will fix and clean the board for you in a timely manner. We can also repair the pins on your CPU’s.

Intel Socket 775                               CPU Pin Repair

Motherboard Pin Repair



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