Bad motherboard? We can help.

Shipping and Payment

Ship to:

Hy-Tech PC

7324 N. Lannon Rd

Lannon, WI 53046


Please ship all repairs to the address above with your contact information.

A packing slip with the model of your motherboard including both your phone number & e-mail address would be appreciated.


Desktop motherboards donít need CPUís sent in with them except for an AMD socket 754 or Intel socket 423 CPU. You may ship the CPU & memory for any other desktop motherboard repair if you would like them tested with the motherboard by us.


Laptop motherboards require the following parts sent in with the motherboard:

1. CPU & CPU heatsink & blower assembly for all motherboards

2. Power on button board and cable if itís NOT on the motherboard

3. DC power jack board (AC adapter plugs into this) and cable if itís NOT on the motherboard

4. Video card or VGA port and cable if itís NOT on the motherboard

5. AC adapter

Sometimes these parts are not required on popular laptop models, so if you would like, please just contact us by e-mail with your particular make & model.





Payments methods accepted include:


†††††††††††† MasterCard


†††††††††††† Visa


†††††††††††† PayPal


†††††††††††† Money Order


†††††††††††† Discover


††††††††††† Cash



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